Concealed-Carry Locations for Women

If I told you that I was carrying at 4:30, it does not mean that late this afternoon I am going to strap on my pistol and go somewhere (though I might!). That 4:30 reference indicates where on my waist I’ll be carrying that pistol, as if it were the position of the hour hand on a clock.

There are multiple “clock positions” where people carry their firearm, and it’s easy to figure out. From a standing position, 12 o’clock is straight ahead, making a straight line from your belly button outward. So 6 o’clock is directly behind you (hence the military phrase “I’ve got your six,” which means being protected from any threats behind you).

As a woman, I’ve found that some carrying positions work better than others due to my body type. In an effort to clarify what might work well for women, I’ve briefly described each position, along with some issues that ladies with various body types may encounter when carrying at each. Hopefully this will help you find which “time” works best for you!

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